Glass & Electronics Cloth


This microfiber cleaning cloth features a "flat weave" which makes it perfect for cleaning cell phone screens, glass, mirrors, windows, laptop screens and TV screens. Learn more about this cloth.

Product Details

  • 2 cloths in each pack
  • 16”x16”
  • Thick and flat to the touch
  • 80% polyester, 20% polyamide
  • Cleans and polishes without streaking and scratching
  • 280 gsm weight
  • Available in color: Matcha & Charcoal

Suggested Uses

  • Cleaning and polishing electronic screens, ie. cell phones, laptops, TVs and monitors
  • Cleaning and polishing glass, mirrors, high-gloss lacquered furniture
  • Polishing chrome bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  • Cleaning glasses and sunglasses
  • Polishing wine glasses and silverware
  • Use dry or slightly dampened
  • Use with vinegar, water, soap or other cleaning products that do NOT contain bleach, wax, polish, oil or silicone
Color: Matcha

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