Small Space Kit



The small space kit features a curated collection of our premium microfiber cleaning cloths. Each of these cloths was designed with a specific purpose in mind, and is ideal for a one-bedroom apartment, dorm room, or RV. It's also a great starter kit if you're just getting into Maker's Clean!

This kit contains 5 premium microfiber cloths:

  • 1x Maker's Mini (Sunset)
  • 1x Glass & Electronics Cloth (Sand)
  • 1x Original Maker's Cleaning Cloth (Ocean)
  • 1x Duo Cloth (Charcoal)
  • 1x Waffle Weave Cloth (Carbon)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Joan Hodge

Love love love them. I use them every day.

Leslie Liddon
Getting to Know You!

I really enjoy using your cleaning cloths The sizes are very good. I really like the matcha flatweave for my there a small size? Thanks for a great variety of cleaning cloths.

Hi Leslie! Thank you for your feedback, it's much appreciated :) To answer your question, we do make a smaller size flat weave cloth designed for cleaning glasses. It's our Optical Cloth. We have a few left in stock, and are expecting more on shelves closer to summer. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Susan Barneski

Excellant! I have a large 14 foot door glass patio door that reveals streaks every time the sun shines .Your cleaning and window cloths have made my windows streak free for the first time . Love them.

Great Value

I paid the same as I would have for one cloth of another brand. So far I am very happy with my purchase. I like the waffle cloth a lot, it's huge and I use it to dry my hair after a shower. The glass and electronics cloth works very well for my stainless steel fridge. I haven't used the mini or general purpose yet but I think they will be great for cleaning.

Wendy Frail
Exactly what I needed

I only have one cleaning job and I bought two small space kits to use at "work".
I bought two small space kits, one for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. It was exactly what I needed. The microfiber cloths are hands above the rest, the waffle weave towel dries and polishes beautifully and the glass cleaning cloth makes cleaning windows and mirrors a streak-free breeze. Love Love Love and highly recommend.