Optical Cloth (2-pack & 5-pack)



These pocket-sized microfiber cloths feature a flat-weave, meaning that they are perfect for cleaning delicate surfaces. These non-scratch cloths are ideal for cleaning glasses, cell phone, and tablet screens. They are also perfect for the car for those quick sunglass polishes!

Product Details

  • Size: 8”x8”
  • Features a flat-weave, which means they tend not to hold onto large debris, which helps prevent streaking and scratching delicate surfaces
  • 280 gsm weight

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Linda Flanagan
I can see clearly, all the time, now!

These clothes are fantastic! I love the thickness, not too thin, not too thick. They fit in the glasses cases, with the glasses. Keep one in the car for the sunglasses. We have vision!


Best eyeglass cleaners we've ever used!

Gail Yong-Kee
Optical cloths

Hi Melissa, I received these cloths and am really happy with them. They're a lot better cleaning my glasses than my liquid eye cleaner. Absolutely amazing, no streaks and finger prints and leaves my glasses squeaky clean.

Aren't they great, Gail! I keep one on me at all times. Pro tip - clean your classed and then your phone & computer screen, too!

Jazib Jamil
Cloth scratched my glasses

too big and scratched my glasses

Hi Jazib. We're really sorry to hear that your glasses were scratched while cleaning. We think you may have been sent the wrong product as our optical cloths are quite small and should never scratch delicate surfaces. If you could please send us an email at support@makersclean.com we can help you out.

Gioi Giavon
Can see clearly

The optical cloth is amazing. It cleans my glasses perfectly, no need of sprays, only using the cloth. Liked that it came in a pack, since I leave one at the office for my computer glasses, and keep another on hand for my regular glasses, with more to spare.