Started by a cleaning professional, Maker's Clean offers premium cleaning products that save time and effort without sacrificing results. We sweat the details finding the very best cleaning products and tools so our customers can spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things they love.


Our collections feature the very best cleaning products and tools, designed to solve the annoying challenges that come with taking care of a home.

love for maker's clean
love for maker's clean
I ❤ my Maker's Clean microfiber cloths!!! The quality of them are 10/10, great size and perfect for any cleaning tasks!!!
— Louise H
love for maker's clean
These absorb better than any other dish cloth I have ever used. I bought a second set that we reserve to dry our long hair after a shower. Bravo!
— Margery R
love for maker's clean
Works so well on my pots & pans, I will never buy those green scrubbers again.
— Florence A
love for maker's clean
Maker's Mop Rocks! I love the curved taco design, easier to apply pressure to those nooks and crannies and get ALL spots clean. Thank you for a clever, ergonomic design!
— Marianne R
love for maker's clean
I love the look, color, texture, and feel of these napkins. I have washed them multiple times now and they still look great and do not need to be ironed!
— Chris G