Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Your space is only as clean as the products and tools that you use. Microfiber cleaning cloths are gentle on your surfaces while achieving the best results. But like anything else—there’s microfiber, and then there’s microfiber! We’ve tested over 100 cloths to find the very best microfiber cleaning cloths. We’re proud to say our gold-standard cloths are ultra-thick and absorbent, which gives them the "squeaky-clean" reputation that we’re proud to put our name on.




Our microfiber cloth kits include a full spectrum of our professional grade microfiber cleaning cloths.

Large Space Kit - 10 Pack

This kit is perfect for most families, providing multiple cloths for rooms all around the house.

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Small Space Kit - 5 Pack

Condo & Dorm living is made a little easier with this kit designed for single floor dwellings.

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What People Are Saying

5 Stars

I am absolutely in love with my Maker's Clean microfiber cloths!

Jennifer Rasper
California, USA

I received the large space kit for Christmas and they are the best quality microfiber cloths I've ever had. These cloths actually make my life as a mom easier everyday! Thanks for making such a high quality microfiber cloth!

The best microfiber cloths I’ve ever had!

Michelle Ferris Elliott
Ontario, CANADA

I love Maker’s microfiber cloths so much, I bought two large space kits. I have had many brands in the past but nothing compares. They pick up dust so well, the waffle cloths are amazing for drying dishes. The plush ones are so absorbent, love the flat weave cloths for streak free cleaning of technology, glasses and stainless.