Waffle Weave Cloth (2-Pack)



Our MOST POPULAR cloths. These ultra-absorbent waffle weave cloths are soft and grooved to the touch, perfect as a dish towel, and for drying your hands. Oh, and they also make great pet towels and for the ladies out there, they work great as a hair wrap! We’ve made them extra large so they can work overtime for you.

  • Ultra absorbent featuring our famous waffle weave
  • Fast drying so they don't gather bacteria and smell
  • Extra Large at 24"x36" (320 gsm)
Suggested Uses

In your kitchen, the waffle weave cloth is perfect for:

  • Soaking up large water-based spills
  • Drying fresh produce
  • Perfectly drying dishes and hands 

In your bathroom, the waffle weave cloth can be used for:

  • A bathmat
  • Drying hair
  • A toddler towel

Our waffle weave cloth is also the perfect choice for drying pets - just make sure to grab an extra for ‘pet use only’!

Care Tips
  • Rinse cloth well, and remove any debris stuck to the cloth before washing.
  • Wash in cold water with a premium laundry detergent. Stay away from fabric softener, chlorine bleach and dryer sheets. Tumble dry on low heat for best results.

For more information visit our care guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Waffle weave cloth

Great product!!

Soaks up moisture quickly!

These waffle weave towels are fantastic to use after I wash my hair. It soaks up moisture quickly and then dries in at least half the time that a regular towel would. Very happy with my purchase!


These are amazingly absorbent and I love how large they are.

Waffle Weave Cloth

We love using our makers waffle weave cloths for the kitchen, specifically drying dishes. The new carbon colour is great and preferred over glacier, as we have in view and are not as worried a stain will show. That said, we have found that the original grey waffle cloths (made before colours introduced) were higher quality, thicker and more absorptive, than all made since. We still like the newer cloths, but we love our originals.

Love the cloth

They dry quickly and are very absorbent. They don't smell bad and are really high quality that should last long.