Waffle Weave Cloth


Our MOST POPULAR cloth. These ultra-absorbent microfiber cleaning cloths are soft and grooved to the touch, perfect for drying dishes (and your hands). Oh, and for the ladies out there, they also make great hair turbans! We’ve made them extra large so they can work overtime for you.

  • Ultra absorbent featuring our patented waffle weave
  • Fast drying
  • Extra Large at 24"x36" (320 gsm)
  • Medium thickness and grooved to the touch
Color: Slate

Customer Reviews

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Toby King

I really love them they work great! Makes everything easier!!

Waffle weave cloths

I have purchased several of the waffle weave cloths and use them as dish towels. They are fantastic! I will never use another dish towel. They are a great size for drying and are so absorbent. Anyone who has ever used them at my house always ask where I got them. One friend jokingly commented, did I get one of your bath towels by accident? Unlike so many of the dish towels I used to have, you can dry more than a spoon before they are wet. We have hosted several gatherings for a fairly large group and one towel is usually sufficient to dry any dishes that need to be hand washed.

Best dish cloths I have ever used! Very absorbent!

I was very surprised by the size of this cloth. I wish this same waffle style and quality was offered in a smaller size, say half the actual size. I even thought of cutting and sewing my brand new cloths, but I hesitate because they are so beautiful and I don't want to mess up with them. I will definitely buy more Maker's products!

France Brassard

I love these!

Karen P.
Most perfect cloth to dry the dishes

I give some to my parents. My mother called me few months after to tell me there was holes in it. Worried, I asked her what she have done with it since mine were still perfect even if they are older than her. It was a JOKE from her. They were still perfect even if they used it every days. She put all her previous clothes to retirement. It was few years ago, all ours clothes are still in very good shape today. Perfect idea of gift for a person who appreciate useful gift.

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