Care & Best Practices

Let's answer a few questions concerning the care, maintenance and best practices for your Maker's Clean microfiber cleaning cloths and bath towels.

Do I have to wash cleaning cloths separate from my regular laundry?

Our recommendation is to wash them separately. When they're washed with other items like cotton, lint from the other fabrics can become lodged in the cloths. That being said, if you only have a few cloths, and it's not worth doing a separate load, they're not going to suddenly stop working!

Do I need to wash them before using?

Yes, we always recommend washing out cloths and towels before your first time using them, to get rid of any dust or debris that may have come in contact while they're being delivered to you.

Should I wash my cloths in hot, warm or cold water?

We recommend washing our cloths and towels in cold water. Laundry detergent will eliminate any dirt and/or bacteria so no need to worry about using a hot water cycle. Why not hot water? Well, extreme heat can damage microfiber, and while it's unlikely your machine can get that hot (unless on a sanitize cycle), we still recommend cold water.

Can I use them to clean up oil and grease?

We do not recommend using your cloths to clean up oil or grease as it will compromise the integrity and quality of the product.

Can I use your cloths with cleaning products that contain essential oils?

Yes! If you’re using essential oils diluted with water it shouldn't damage your cloths.

Can I use oil based furniture spray/polish with your cloths?

You could, although our concern is that waxy products like this may clog the fibres, and you may not get as good results from the cloth moving forward. We prefer not to use these types of products with our cloths.

My cloths have started to smell bad when they get wet. What can I do?

You'll want to soak the cloth in a vinegar / water solution (50/50) overnight, and then launder as recommended. Going forward, make sure to always rinse and dry the cloth after use!

Sales, Shipping & Returns

We have a whole page dedicated to this topic, but here are a few common questions.

How long will it take to get my order?

We're unable to give an exact timelines on shipping. Within the United State and Canada, orders are usually delivered within 5-7 business days. International orders are usually delivered within 15-20 business days, but depending on your exact location this may vary.

Are custom/duty charges included in the price?

No, they are not—every country is different so be sure to check your local customs and tarrif regulations on items coming from the United States which are made in China.

Can I place an order over the phone?

Orders can only be placed online at this time. For US and International customers, please visit us at For Canadian customers, please visit us at

Do you offer custom quotes for large orders?

Yes! We will gladly assist you personally with any large or customized orders. Any orders over $500 are subject to custom shipping quotes. Please send all inquires to

Where are Maker's Clean microfiber cloths and towels manufactured?

All of our products are made in China.