DUO Cloth (2-Pack)



Our unique double-sided cloth, the DUO cloth is the perfect utility cloth—it's oversized, thirsty, and ready for whatever cleaning challenge comes your way... one cloth does everything you need!

The DUO cloth features two unique sides—the first, an ultra-plush deep pile fabric designed to polish, buff, and absorb massive amounts of moisture; perfect for wiping down the car after a car wash, extreme spills, and for buffing surfaces to a polished finish (think: stainless steel sink!). The second side features our general-purpose weave, perfect for everyday dusting and cleaning jobs.

  • Oversized 16” x 24"
  • Double-sided: Ultra Plush Terry & General Purpose
  • Extra soft, thirsty, and shaggy
  • A whopping 520 gsm
  • *NEW* Features a convenient tear-away tag

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sarah Fowlis
DUO cloth is just as Advertised

An excellent cloth, very fluffy and absorbent. It is great for car washing and cleaning large areas like a bathtub.

Linda Wilkins
Great 👍

This cloth really sops up the water. I love the three that I bought. I can wipe down the tiles and tub after a shower and have almost no water left. Only problem is it is so thick it is hard to wring out, but that is not an issue, just hang to dry over the shower bar. So worth it. Love all my Maker’s Clean products, of which I have many.

Annie Belanger
A wonder

I am in love with this cloth. It’s huge so amazing for washing the bathtub and shower and so absorbent. I love it

Yes, Annie!! We're so glad to hear that you're loving the DUO cloth - it's definitely one of our favourites :)

Alison Siegfried
Thumbs Up

Wonderful cloths. Love the brilliant colours. They work so well.