The Original Maker's Cleaning Cloth (2-Pack)

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The Cloth that Made us Famous!

We started Maker's Clean back in 2016 with just one cloth—our ultra-premium general purpose cloth. These hard-working microfiber cleaning cloths will be your go-to for the majority of cleaning jobs in the home. Thick, absorbent, and engineered to wipe-up and trap dirt, debris, spills, and grime, including up to 99% of bacteria—these are the perfect cloths for everyday cleaning tasks around the entire home.

  • Reusable: Just toss them in the washing machine and reuse hundreds of times!
  • Industry-leading 350 gsm weight for maximum thickness and absorbency
  • Size: 16”x16”
  • Suggested uses: cleaning counters, cabinets, appliances, chrome fixtures, sinks, dusting, and much more (see suggested uses below).

Customer Reviews

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L Mohr
Awesome customer service

Two of my microfibre cloths had an unexplained defect to them. I contacted customer service and within two days they had indicated they will send me two replacement cloths at no charge. I received them within the week. It makes me very confident I will be purchasing more in the near future. Great products!

Nancy Mills Clist
So good 👍

Absorbent, doesn’t leave any streaks or specks. They really are the best cleaning cloths.

Melinda Bardal

I am probably your no.1 fan!

Makes Cleaning Up A Quick Job

I use these cloths for most of my cleaning up: counters, sinks, fixtures, stainless steel surfaces, shower walls and glass…...I do not enjoy housework but all these pretty and highly absorbant cloths make it quick to clean and almost fun. I just have to remember to be careful not to use on the wrong messes……they still work beautifully but I ruined a brand new MF cloth wiping up sawdust!! I couldn’t even vacuum the sawdust from the dried cloth so that’s a testament to the structure of the cloth’s ability to pick up all sorts of debris.

Sharon Olson
Maker’s Microfibre Cloths

I have purchased several of these cloths and I just cannot say enough good things about them. They are thick, absorbent and the size is very generous. I have in the past tried other microfibre cloths and they simply cannot offer the quality of cleaning that the Maker’s microfibre cloths do. When it comes to cleaning mirrors or my black stainless steel appliances they are second to none. No smearing or streaking at all. I am one happy customer for sure and I would absolutely recommend these cleaning cloths to anyone who is thinking about purchasing them!