Scrub Square

*NEW* Reusable Microfiber Cleaning Pads

$12 $16

Say hello to your kitchen's new best friend!

Scrub Square is a sustainable alternative to traditional disposable sponges. These hard-working scrubbing and cleaning pads are perfect for everyday cleaning tasks all around the house.

Scrub Square is a double-sided microfiber pad, featuring a tough scrubbing and scouring side, perfect for cleaning stubborn stuck-on messes, and a premium checkered microfiber weave on the other side for wiping and washing.

The best part? These long-lasting squares can be put in the washing machine and reused time and time again!

  • The Scrub Square replaces traditional sponges, scouring pads, disposable wiping cloths, paper towels, brushes, and more!
  • Save money (and the environment) with a more sustainable solution—traditional disposable sponges need to be replaced monthly!
  • Scrub Square's checkered side is safe on almost all surfaces including, cast iron, countertops, tiles, sinks, non-stick pans, ceramic stove tops, and glass.
  • Easy to clean in the washing machine (check our care instructions).
  • Size: 6" x 6"
  • Available in 3-pack and 6-pack
  • Wash before first use - see our care instructions
  • Rinse cloth after every use to remove any food scraps or debris
  • If the cloth is heavily soiled, a gentle hand wash is recommended with a small squirt of dish soap
  • Wring out and hang dry between uses
  • Use caution when washing sharp edges (knives, etc.)
  • To prevent your cloths from bacteria buildup (aka getting stinky), we recommend laundering frequently
  • Launder with like, microfiber items in cold water
  • Use a premium laundry detergent 
  • Tumble dry on low heat
  • Do not launder with bleach, fabric softener, or dryer sheets

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Sharon Olson
Scrub square

I purchased the scrub squares a couple of months ago so I have had some time to test it out. Once again this is a superior Maker’s product. It has stood up to and done a terrific job on any stuck on mess that I have needed to scrub. I love the microfibre side as well for cleaning counter tops to a nice streak free shine. I also really enjoy the fact that I can toss it in the wash and know that I have a clean scrubber to use time after time with no guessing about how long to use before it’s time to retire and replace.

Véronique S
Love them

wow! really gets the job done efficiently. hygienic and good for the environnement! perfect combo! another great product thanks!

Michelle Schumm
Best Scrubby Ever

I absolutely love them.

Brenda Clark
Cleaning House

I’m a big fan of Maker’s products. So glad I decided to try them. 😀

Absolutely LOVE

With all of the competition out there these cloths are the best. I love thé scrub side & a soft side. One cloth with two functions. I’m glad I grabbed two packs!!! I would definitely buy again!
Happy Customer in Mississauga, Ontario, 🇨🇦

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