Scrub Square

*NEW* Reusable Microfiber Cleaning Pads

$10 $16

Say hello to your kitchen's new best friend!

Scrub Square is a sustainable alternative to traditional disposable sponges. These hard-working scrubbing and cleaning pads are perfect for everyday cleaning tasks all around the house.

Scrub Square is a double-sided microfiber pad, featuring a tough scrubbing and scouring side, perfect for cleaning stubborn stuck-on messes, and a premium checkered microfiber weave on the other side for wiping and washing.

The best part? These long-lasting squares can be put in the washing machine and reused time and time again!

  • The Scrub Square replaces traditional sponges, scouring pads, disposable wiping cloths, paper towels, brushes, and more!
  • Save money (and the environment) with a more sustainable solution—traditional disposable sponges need to be replaced monthly!
  • Scrub Square's checkered side is safe on almost all surfaces including, cast iron, countertops, tiles, sinks, non-stick pans, ceramic stove tops, and glass.
  • Easy to clean in the washing machine (check our care instructions).
  • Size: 6" x 6"
  • Available in 3-pack and 6-pack
  • Wash before first use - see our care instructions
  • Rinse cloth after every use to remove any food scraps or debris
  • If the cloth is heavily soiled, a gentle hand wash is recommended with a small squirt of dish soap
  • Wring out and hang dry between uses
  • Use caution when washing sharp edges (knives, etc.)
  • To prevent your cloths from bacteria buildup (aka getting stinky), we recommend laundering frequently
  • Launder with like, microfiber items in cold water
  • Use a premium laundry detergent 
  • Tumble dry on low heat
  • Do not launder with bleach, fabric softener, or dryer sheets

Customer Reviews

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Melinda Bardal


Hi Melinda! Someone from our customer support team will get back to you ASAP. We apologize for the delay.

Sharon Olson
Scrub Square

Scrub Squares for the win! I have recently purchased the scrub square pack and have been using them every day since. Here is another winning product from the Maker’s Clean line up! It has stood up and conquered every stuck on challenge it has been presented with. The soft side is wonderful for wiping kitchen and bathroom surfaces leaving them sparkling and free from streaks or haze. I love the colour and I find it to be a great size to tackle any job that I have needed it for. If I just have an article or two in the sink, a bit of dish soap on the soft side provides a nice lather to get that job done as well. The performance of the scrub square combined with the fact that it is washable makes it an all around winner to have as a part of the cleaning team!

Great for dishes and cleaning but...

These are great, I really do like them and would buy more but the new cost of shipping is insane and I can't justify the cost. Two of mine had edges start to unravel quite soon after receiving them (after 1-2 washes). I was able to tie the strings and knot it so it won't continue hopefully but this shouldn't happen right away.

Hi Ivy. Thanks for your note and your support! Please send our team a note at and we'll help troubleshoot the issue ASAP.

Tammy Wasson
Scrub square

Love these!! I purchased more to give as gifts. I wouldn't mind seeing them a little bigger, but honestly a great product!!

Alene Wilson
Happy with purchase

Hi Melissa, I am not a big fan of the dual sponge and have not bought many but they are somewhat useful, though they come with a short life span and are hard to clean. The scrub square is a much better option, it scrubs well and has a soft side for cleaning up small spills. Could they be a big bigger and a bit thicker, yes they could, but it's now the only thing I have at my sink . My dishcloth and scubby have been put away as they have been replaced by one item (win!). They do run a bit for the first few times they are used but I have no complaints and am happy I decided to try them. Thanks for all you do, Alene

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