Waffle Weave Cloth


Our MOST POPULAR cloth. These ultra-absorbent microfiber cleaning cloths are soft and grooved to the touch, perfect for drying dishes (and your hands). Oh, and for the ladies out there, they also make great hair turbans! We’ve made them extra large so they can work overtime for you.

  • Ultra absorbent featuring our patented waffle weave
  • Fast drying
  • Extra Large at 24"x36" (320 gsm)
  • Medium thickness and grooved to the touch
Color: Slate

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tina Morrison
A superior product and company

I can't say enough about how my experience cleaning has changed since recently buying these products after watching YouTube videos. The waffle weave of the dish towels holds so much water it actually works ti dry dishes well. They are HUGE and could have many uses, actually.
The microfiber cloths are not even comparable to those you buy at Canadian Tire or Walmart, and they make cleaning almost effortless when used with the natural cleaning products as recommended. I actually kind of like cleaning now that I have quality cloths. No more saving half worn face cloths and other things to use for cleaning.
I also bought the mop after trying the rest and it's incredible!
Such a difference, who knew? Thank you so much!

Petra Todd
Love the kitchen towels

I bought them before and had to get more for myself and gifts when they were available again. I highly recommend

Delilah Ross
I replaced my towels with these

Tried a family set, the smaller one. Loved them all. The waffle weave cloth is the one that stood out most. They dry my dishes so much quicker. Amazing quality. Fun. I wish they had different colours though, grey is too neutral.

Pierre-Luc Lachance
Good size, good absorption

I'm docking a star because one of them had a torn corner.

Deanna Tondreau
Waffle Weave Cloth

I use these more as towels, rather than cleaning cloths.

They're fantastic as dish towels, and although I was worried that they might be a bit too cumbersome due to the large size, it didn't take long to realize the size is actually a GREAT convenience! They're also super absorbent, not linty at all, and they don't take long to dry when they're hung over the oven door handle. Grey wouldn’t normally be my first choice in colours, but it does looks quite nice with my stainless-steel appliances.

As soon as I started using these to dry the dishes, I realized another VERY useful application which motivated my purchase of a second set of these waffle weave cloths (blue, this time, to distinguish between the different uses):

We have an acrylic surround shower which was built with a generous amount of integrated shelving, bars, and other moulded features. Functional, yes … but also very awkward to squeegee down the walls (to prevent mold/mildew). In the past, we’ve used really plush microfibre towels to dry the walls after showering, like the kind you would use to chamois down your car. These dried the shower walls very quickly and easily, but it took FOREVER for the chamois towel to dry, and often wasn’t dry enough in time for the next person in the family to use. Instead, these waffle weave cloths are big and absorbent enough to dry down the whole shower, and they’re still a light enough fabric that they dry MUCH faster.

I’m very grossed out by the skunky towel odour I’ve encountered in other towels in the past but am happy to report no problems with these! Even with my diligent towel maintenance routines, the actual towel composition/content has a lot to do with this.

[MY DILIGENT TOWEL MAINTENANCE: Hanging: Ensure that towels are always hung up; kids and spouses who leave towels in a heap on the floor will be strung up by their toes; towel bar/hook placement matters – install somewhere we you’ll get good air circulation; hooks on the back of bathroom doors don’t normally allow enough air to circulate when the door is open and resting against the wall … Laundering: I wait until I have a load-worth of similar towels; besides these, we also use the Maker’s bath towels and hand towels. I wash them in cold water with just the tiniest bit (a tablespoon or less) of a very ‘clean’ (minimal phosphates/filler) HE detergent and about half a cup of white vinegar in the ‘rinse’ compartment. I dry them on a timed cycle for about an hour on the very lowest heat setting (which might actually be NO heat?)].

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