Deep Clean Mop Pad



A heavy-duty microfiber weave featuring a zig-zag of scouring bristles for extra deep cleaning power, designed specifically to be used with The Maker's Mop. This pad is perfect for those tougher floor cleaning tasks around the home.

  • Machine washable
  • Suggested uses include: wet mopping dirty floors, scrubbing tough stuck-on messes, glass shower and tile scrubbing.
  • Made with 36% recycled post-consumer polyester (Polyester 74% Polypropylene 15% and Nylon 11%)
  • Sold in packs of 2

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sue Baird
Good Mop Pad

I haven’t given the deep clean mop pad any real dirty jobs but it seemed to work all right on the cork floor with minimal streaking.

Maybe you better check back when I’ve used it in a seasonal deep clean.

Donna Jackson
Mop pad

Love it. It's light and swivels plus I can use for walls etc

Deep clean mop pad

I really love all the Makers clean products that I've bought. The deep clean mop pads and the versatility of the mop itself make cleaning my floors and even walls a breeze.

I also especially enjoy the mini cloths for wiping up spills and crumbs on my counters. They do a fantastic job and I just rinse, wring out and leave next to my sink for another time.