About Microfiber

Our Cloths Clean Up

Cut up t-shirts. Old rags. Dish towels. Endless paper towel. While these all clean to a certain degree, they will never make your space sparkle. Instead, they leave behind stubborn streaks, dust, scratches, and create unnecessary waste.

We're firm believers that you need the right tool to get the job done, and that's where microfiber and Maker's Cleaning Cloths come in.

What Is Microfiber Anyway?

Microfiber can be hard to understand because everything is so, well, microscopic! To give you an idea, each fiber in microfiber is two times finer than silk, three times finer than cotton, eight times finer than wool, and one hundred times finer than a human hair!

These fibers are woven together to create a yarn, which is then woven into a cloth material that is able to pick up the tiniest dust and dirt particles. The thicker the cloth, the more yarn is used during the weave process and the better it cleans. That's why Maker's Cleaning Cloths are so thick and heavy, and why cheaper alternatives are so thin. If it feels light and flimsy, or if you can see through it when you hold it up, it's not going to clean like a Maker's Cleaning Cloth.

Why Static Cling is a Good Thing!

Microfiber cloths are known to possess electrostatic energy, which allows those thin fibres to attract dirt. The force between one fibre and dirt is low, but with millions of these fibres in a cloth, the ability to attract dirt is greatly increased. A staticky cloth is a win for you! 

One and Done

Microfiber cloths are incredibly absorbent. In fact, they can hold approximately 8 times their weight in water. And here's the kicker: they don't shed lint, so you'll never have particles left behind. One wipe-down is all you need. The minute fiber size of the cloth strands also allows each cloth to pick up unwanted bacteria invisible to the eye.

The Dirt on Bacteria 

Don’t take our word for it; it’s widely known in the cleaning industry and has been studied for years that good quality microfiber cloths effectively remove viruses and bacteria from a surface, eliminating the need to use harsh chemicals, with just water. How does the work? Simple. Microfiber strands are so tiny (even tinier than some of these organisms) that they can pick up over 99% of bacteria in a simple swipe. What does this mean for you? Breathe easy! Most of your cleaning can be done safely and effectively with nothing more than a Maker’s Cleaning Cloth and water. That said, when there’s an illness in the home or the raw meat comes out, we still recommend sticking to a disinfectant and a paper towel.