Complete Bath Set


The complete bath sheet set features one of each of our premium waffle weave towels.

This bath sheet is extra-large, perfect for a larger human, or someone who loves shoulder-to-calf coverage. The bath towel, while a little smaller, is still a perfect bath towel for the average person. We've also heard that they make great towels for toddlers, giving them head-to-toe coverage. The hand towel is a sleek and highly functional addition to any bathroom setting.

All of these towels are made from premium microfiber, designed specifically to dry ultra-fast and avoid any unpleasant "towel funk" odors. And, because they fold up at less than half the size of a traditional cotton towel they're perfect for travel and the gym.

The Complete Set Includes:

  • 1 x Hand Towel (32" x 20")
  • 1 x Bath Towel (56" x 30")
  • 1 x Extra Large Bath Sheet (60" x 40")

Customer Reviews

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I love them !

Yesss! Finally a towel that dries us and doesn’t leave fluffs everywhere. Bonus that it dries quickly as well. We are loving our complete bath set. Is it wrong that as a small lady I still would prefer to use the bath sheet? 😂 I’m leaving it to my much taller husband for now, until I get us more.

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