Large Space Kit



This kit includes 10 premium microfiber cleaning cloths, designed to tackle even the toughest cleaning jobs! The large space kit is perfect for most families, with multiples of each cloth so you can store a few in each room throughout the house, making your cleaning routine a snap!

This kit includes:

  • 2x Maker's Mini (Sunset)
  • 2x Glass & Electronics Cloth (Sand)
  • 2x Original Maker's Cleaning Cloth (Ocean)
  • 2x DUO Cloth (Charcoal)
  • 2x Waffle Weave Cloth (Carbon)

Customer Reviews

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Yvonne Pfohl
Love These!

I have been buying Maker's Microfibre Cleaning Cloths since they first offered them. I can't say I love cleaning, but having the right cloth makes it so much easier to do....and more likely to happen. I always buy extra when they go on sale and add a few to gifts for friends and family. They always love them too. I won't be buying any other kinds of microfibre cloths.

I love everything about this kit!

Microfiber cloths, they are everywhere and so easy to just grab from any store. They were all awful, and always ended up in the garbage, so I was hesitant to try these. Their YouTube channel convinced me to give them a try and I am so happy that I did! I absolutely love them!! They are just amazing, and I placed another order just recently because I needed more. I have bought several other products from "Makers" and I cannot sing their praises enough.

Michelle Rathgeber

Large Space Kit

Tracy MacKinnon

Large Space Kit


I have watched your cleaning videos for a long time. I saw your cloths, but I had purchased microfiber cloths from a "company" that does home parties abd thought those are probably the same. But I saw your sale recently and purchased the large space kit to try. I opened them up today to try...and kept trying and trying and!!! I couldn't stop cleaning! I started on my patio glass doors, which led to the water cooler to the china cabinet to the doors. Spots I thought I would have to scrub or use a magic eraser on, was no match for these cloths. Thank you for creating such a fantastic product.