About The Cloth

The Ultra Plush cloth is perfect for heavy duty cleaning jobs. 

These Maker's Cleaning Cloths are 16"x24", feel extra soft and shaggy, like your favorite childhood stuffed animal. The weave consists of an 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide.

These cloths are designed to be heavy hitters; they can absorb a lot of moisture and debris, and because of their long fibers are also well-suited to buffing and polishing. The deep pile picks up and traps debris and moisture while leaving the tips of the fibers free to buff away streaks and marks.

It is important to rinse your cloth well to remove debris, since it can sink into the depths of this very plush pile.

Where & When To Use Them

Many car buffs swear by this cloth for cleaning and polishing the interior and exterior of their vehicle, since it won't scratch paint. Parents love this cloth too; it sucks up big spills almost instantly (we think it puts a shammy to shame). It has one side which is super plush and the other side which acts as an all-purpose cloth, maximizing applications and use.

The cloth can be used with a cleaning product which does not contain bleach. We recommend using it with an all-purpose cleaner or disinfectant, or even plain old vinegar and water. 

Practical Applications

Unique Textures

Use this cloth to dust and polish special keepsakes, antique furniture, leather upholstery, clothing and decor pieces. Just spritz water onto the cloth and polish to remove dust and leave a beautiful shine behind.


Keep one of these in the glove box and use it to dust the dashboard, clean up spills or clean the windows. It can clean glass, plastic, metal and leather.  Whip it out after a car wash to quickly buff the car exterior to a beautiful shine and use it to clean the rear view and side mirrors as required.