Bath Towel



Our premium waffle weave bath towel is the ultimate go-to towel around the home. Its size makes it perfect for drying off after a shower or coming out of the pool. It also makes for a perfect towel for a toddler, giving them neck-to-ankle coverage.

These ultra-absorbent towels dry unbelievably fast to avoid any unpleasant "towel funk" odors. These towels are also super compact, folding up to less than half the size of a traditional cotton towel—meaning not only are they great for travel, but they're perfect for a day at the gym or the yoga studio.


  • 1 x Bath Towel (56" x 30")

Customer Reviews

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Patrick Hong
Long-time follower, new customer!

The only reason I'm late to the party when trying your products is that you are always out of stock! So, I decided to go the more expensive route and found that I could buy your towels individually.

We love the bath towels as it is everything you said it was. With regards to the kitchen towels, well they are amazing, but HUGE! I typically love to drape a towel over my shoulder as I cook but this one is a tad unruly. I can't get it to stay... if only there was another size option! ;)

Susanna Hopkinson
Best Towel Ever

Far superior to any other towel. You need to try it to believe how quickly it dries.

Ingrid Bergen

Bath Towel

Darrah Kumar
Great towel

Bought two of these, I wish I bought more. It’s large, it’s fast absorbing and quick drying, exactly as described.